Custom Website Proposal for Corkscrew Hampden


Lindsay Jo Crenshaw
Owner of Lindsay Jo Designs

15925 Shinham Road 
Hagerstown, MD 21740


Latoya Johnson
Owner of Corkscrew Hampden

1117 W 36th St
Baltimore, MD 21211

July 13, 2023

Hi Layota,

Thank you so much for your time this week!

I am so excited for you to open your new food + drink space. It looks absolutely fabulous so far! I love that you’re using your Brenology wines as the base for the sangria, and the peruvian/soul fusion sounds absolutely delicious. 

After speaking with you about your website needs, I believe we are a good fit and I would be honored to take on your project.

This proposal details my suggestions for your business, your investment, and important dates. When you are ready to book my services, simply scroll to the bottom to pay your deposit.


Firstly – thank you for trusting me!

You’ll enjoy working with me because: 

The Website Process + Timeline

For your project, I am proposing a full VIP design week to create your custom website at $2,650.






  • After our meetings, we’ll start with a coming soon page that includes:
    • Logo, images, contact form, basic info, social media links
  • Your new website will:
    • Attract new patrons to visit your website with visuals that mimic the beautiful space you’ve created
    • Inform patrons of your events, specials, and menu items with easy-to-read menu and pages






  • During this phase, I will build the home page first, and complete the entire site by the Friday
  • Website Call to Action:
    • Visit Us
  • Pages included (9): 
    • Home
    • Events
    • Drink Menu
    • Food Menu
    • Gallery
    • Blog/News
    • Visit Us 
    • About
    • Privacy Policy/TOS






  • Launch the final site, which includes:
    • Launch graphics for social media
    • Pushing your website live to the public
    • 30 days of site maintain after launch (updates or fixes)
  • Investments: 
    • VIP Week with me
    • Website hosting through SiteGround or approved vendor
    • Any Premium tool add-ons

Please note that these timelines rely on you providing the needed information in a timely fashion. I am flexible, and we can work together to create a timeline that works best for you if the need arises. However, I may need to reschedule your project if timelines lapse. Please keep these deadlines in mind before committing to the project.

Included in your VIP website investment of $2,650:

  • Design meeting(s) over Zoom
  • Design whiteboard and documentation including color codes, fonts, background images, icons, and supporting graphics as needed beforehand
  • Content meeting and content documentation with StoryBrand copywriting assistance for the website
  • Any additional design or content meetings needed pre-VIP Day beforehand
  • 21 hours of website build week-of which will include domain setup, website build and design, stock photo implementation
  • Access to all files used on the website for repurposing in social media posts
  • Final domain setup upon approval
  • 1 hour of You-Choose Design Work (website alterations, social media graphics, website updates, etc) post-launch
  • 30 days of website support post-launch
  • 1 hour of Zoom training with the recorded calls saved as separate videos post-launch

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time I am not offering hosting services. However, I am a SiteGround partner. I use and recommend their services! Most of my clients have success with the Managed WordPress GrowBig Plan (affiliate link.)

We will have at least 2 meetings for your website: 1 for design, and 1 for content and copywriting. You will need to attend those. I will also ask you to collect websites, images, colors, and creative assets that you admire so I can get an idea of what you do and don’t like.

You will also be responsible with communicating your needs and wants for the projects, as well as all of the information I need to get the project completed. I will use this to make your project successful!

I communicate with my clients via email, Zoom, and WhatsApp. I may also use links to Google Drive and Google Docs to help complete our work.

Yep! After professionally designing logos, marketing materials, and websites for over 10 years, I’ve streamlined my tools, tech, and process. I offer fast solutions to business owners just like you, because you don’t have time to email back and forth for weeks and months on a design project. 

If needed, you’ll receive up to an hour of minor revisions. I’ll also record a training session to show you how to maintain your new tools, if applicable. You’ll receive 30 days of email support where I’ll answer questions or help troubleshoot any concerns that arise during that time.

Plus, as an existing client, you’ll be able to book additional work with me at an hourly rate as needed.

Ready to start? Me too! Let’s get your website booked.

I require a 25% deposit to schedule your project, which is $662.50. When clicking the link below, hit the "Edit amount" total next to the final amount to pay the deposit.

By paying your invoice, you are accepting the Creative Service Agreement, or CSA.