Custom Website Proposal for The Sandtrap

This proposal is valid until March 15, 2024. After this time, the schedule and/or fees may change.


Lindsay Jo Crenshaw
Owner of Lindsay Jo Designs


Kady Jaeger
Co-Owner of The Sandtrap

March 8, 2024

Hi Kady,

Thank you so much for trusting me again to create a custom site for your new business, The Sandtrap!

It’s so vital to have a web presence when opening a new location – as you mentioned today, having a QR code direct community members to see what you have to offer will increase your chances of enticing customers from the moment you open your doors.

Having a beautiful mobile-friendly site will help build excitement around the vibe, offerings, and menu. It will also contribute to the SEO leading up to your grand opening.

I believe our existing rapport and understanding of your business goals makes me a great fit for this project. I look forward to working with you again!



Clients love working with me because:

"By the time we got to my project, I felt like I was her only client. She was giving a lot of time and attention to me (while) working on every little detail… I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to take the leap and hire Lindsay!"


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Project Process + Timeline

I have a timeline below that has us begin pre-work mid-April February and the final site being launched by mid-May.

We will work together to create a new website that shares the plans of the build, show all of the ways people can enjoy The Sandpit, and get families excited to have a new destination in-town that gives the “downtown vibe” without the driving.

The site will focus primarily on pushing Reservations and Events. We will also of course share about the walk-in services that are offered, including memberships and gift cards.

I will personally walk you through the best practices of website creation so your investment is returned in abundance!

I am proposing a full VIP design week at $2,950. This includes all of the meetings, strategy, building, illustration, and launching of your brand new website. You will have an additional investment of website hosting, which I offer at $175/year. Additional premium tools or assets may be required with your approval.

Please review the proposed Important Dates below before approving.





April 15 - May 1


  • Marketing Magic Workshop:
    • Discussion of current website offers and content, proposal of new content, and creation of content document
  • Design Meeting:
    • Discussion of ideal website design and creation of style board




May 3 - May 10


  • Site Build
    • Build of the header, footer, and home page on Monday
    • Other pages of the site will be completed by Friday
    • Quality Check will be completed by trusted colleagues
    • Final invoice payment due before launch




May 14


  • Site Launch:
    • Transferring site to final domain on approval
    • Create launch graphics for social media
    • 30 days of site maintain after launch (updates or fixes)


Please note that these timelines rely on you providing the needed information in a timely fashion. I am flexible, and we can work together to create a timeline that works best for you if the need arises. However, I may need to reschedule your project if timelines lapse. Please keep these deadlines in mind before committing to the project.


Included in your VIP Design Week Investment of $2,950:

MEETINGS: Design and content meeting(s) over Zoom or in person

STYLES: Design whiteboard and documentation including color codes, fonts, background images, icons, and supporting graphics as needed beforehand

COPY: Content documentation with StoryBrand copywriting assistance for the website

BUILDOUT: 21 hours of website build week-of which will include domain setup, website build and design, stock photo implementation

FILES: Access to all files used on the website for repurposing in social media posts

LAUNCH: Final domain website setup upon approval

POST-LAUNCH: 1 hour of You-Choose Design Work (website alterations, social media graphics, website updates, etc) post-launch

MAINTENANCE: 30 days of website support post-launch

TRAINING: 1 hour of Zoom training with the recorded calls saved as separate videos post-launch


Frequently Asked Questions

I ask for a 25% deposit of the project to get you booked and on the calendar. The final 75% is due within 24 hours of the first day of the build, and you are welcome to pay that however you’d like, in smaller payments or all at once. If you would like to pay it all in advance, I will extend  a 10% discount on your project. Please let me know beforehand so I can adjust the invoice accordingly.

Every website project includes the following to start:

  • Marketing Magic Workshop and Copywriting Assistance for all website pages, ending in an easy-to-use content document
  • Design Meeting and Design Board created to establish visual design
  • Access to Elementor Pro and SEO-friendly build of header, footer, and all pages
  • Set up of 3 blog posts that you provide 
  • 3-5 Custom Icons or Illustrations that can be reused as desired
  • Setup of domain, hosting, and email services (through my host or your choice)
  • Customized launch graphic for social media
  • 30 Days of Maintenance after launching
  • Guided Training Videos and access to my Client Toolkit

I use WordPress and Elementor Pro! WordPress the foundation of about 43% of all websites that exist because it is an excellent platform for building custom sites. WordPress is better supported, faster, and easier to use than many of the competitors like Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy. 

I pair WordPress with the powerful building tool Elementor Pro to make websites that are easy to manage, load quickly, function beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop. Although the Elementor Pro tools are powerful, they’re also easy enough that you’ll feel comfortable updating your own site after our 1-hour training.

I can! I have a dedicated server and now offer WordPress hosting at $175 per year. This includes enhanced site security, daily file backups, and up to 1 hour total of website fixes that are related to hosting.

Aside from my VIP services, domain name, and your website hosting, most of my clients have no other investments need to make. However, if we have to purchase specialty tools like website plugins, premium fonts, or premium graphics, those may need to be added to the final invoice. I will always get your agreement before this occurs!

We will have at least 2 meetings for your website: 1 for design, and 1 for content and copywriting. You will need to attend those. There will also be a few documents and questionnaires that will help the project along that I will need you to complete.

I may ask you to collect websites, images, colors, and creative assets that you admire so I can get an idea of what you do and don’t like.

You will also be responsible with communicating your needs and wants for the project, as well as all of the information I need to get the project completed. You’re the professional in your industry, so I will need you to provide any important info that will help ensure the project’s success!

I communicate with my clients via email, Zoom, and WhatsApp. I may also use links to Google Drive and Google Docs to help complete our work.

Yep! After professionally designing logos, marketing materials, and websites for over 15 years, I’ve streamlined my tools, tech, and process. I offer fast solutions to business owners just like you, because you don’t have time to email back and forth for weeks and months on a design project. 

If needed, you’ll receive up to an hour of minor revisions. I’ll also record a training session to show you how to maintain your new tools, if applicable. You’ll receive 30 days of email support where I’ll answer questions or help troubleshoot any concerns that arise during that time.

Plus, as an existing client, you’ll be able to book additional work with me at an hourly rate as needed.


Ready for the next step? Let’s get your project booked with a deposit.

I require a 25% deposit to add your project to my calendar, which is $737.50.

When clicking the link below, hit the “Edit amount” total next to the final amount to pay the deposit.

By paying your invoice, you are accepting the Creative Service Agreement, or CSA.

This proposal is valid until March 15, 2024. After this time, the schedule and/or fees may change.