Custom Logo Proposal for Mental Notes with Rae

This proposal is valid until February 16, 2024. After this time, the schedule and/or fees may change.


Lindsay Jo Crenshaw
Owner of Lindsay Jo Designs


Regine Senior
Owner of Mental Notes with Rae

February 8, 2024

Hi Regine,

Thank you so much for considering Lindsay Jo Designs to create a new logo for Mental Notes with Rae. I am excited to help you grow your business to help those in need of mental health services!

Your new logo, branding guide, and social media templates will give you a great foundation to start sharing your knowledge and attracting new clients to your Psychotherapy business.

It will help you attract those in need of mental health support, ones who understand the benefits of music and self-care.

I believe I’m the ideal fit for this project. Not only do I have experience working with your mom, but I am a patient of therapy myself, seeing the value of music-focused psychotherapy services. 



Clients love working with me because:

"You have been a breath of fresh air! So helpful and extremely patient. I couldn’t be happier with the website and every detail you added. Along with helping me with the tools to maintain the site! It’s been an absolute pleasure."


Project Process + Timeline




  • Get Domain + Social Media Accounts:
    • Snag the names Mental Notes with Rae or MentalNotesTherapy
  • Design Meeting:
    • Discussion of ideal logo design and creation of whiteboard





  • Logo + Social Media Template Design
    • Build of the logo and variations completed first
    • Social media templates completed next
    • Brand design guide to follow
    • Final invoice payment due before final files sent





  • Brand Launch:
    • All files sent
    • Social media posts to announce the account and project 
    • Training on how to use all of the files for print/web


Please note that these timelines rely on you providing the needed information in a timely fashion. I am flexible, and we can work together to create a timeline that works best for you if the need arises. However, I may need to reschedule your project if timelines lapse. Please keep these deadlines in mind before committing to the project.


Included in your Logo Design Investment of $785:

MEETINGS: Design and strategy meeting(s) via Zoom

STYLE GUIDE: Design inspiration whiteboard and  including color codes, fonts, background images, icons, and supporting graphics as needed

DESIGN: 6 hours of custom logo design, including research, illustration, and implementation

FILES: Finalized logo files for all digital, web, and print applications (including stock photography)

CANVA PRO SETUP: Implementation of your fonts, colors, icons, and logo files for ease of use in Canva as well as the agreed upon templates (social media posts, highlight icons, etc.)

BRAND GUIDE: Easy-to-use document that yourself and other designers can reference to keep a consistent visual aesthetic

CUSTOM FONTS: Any fonts that were purchased for use in the project and their licenses


Frequently Asked Questions

Every logo project includes the following to start:

  • Design Meeting and Design Board created to establish visual design
  • 2-3 logo design variations to start
  • Final completion of logo with all files needed to use it moving forward
  • Canva Pro Branding setup
  • All fonts or digital resources purchased for the project
  • Brand guide including all colors, fonts, stock photos, and resources

Absolutely! Your logo will be completely custom and bespoke to your business. I will do research to make sure the work isn’t similar enough to other brands that it will cause issues.

Any additional investments such as custom fonts will be included in the price of your project!

We will have at least 1 meeting for your logo, which is a design meeting. You will need to attend that. There will also be a few documents and questionnaires that will help the project along that I will need you to complete.

I may ask you to collect other logos, images, colors, and creative assets that you admire so I can get an idea of what you do and don’t like.

You will also be responsible with communicating your needs and wants for the project, as well as all of the information I need to get the project completed. You’re the professional in your industry, so I will need you to provide any important info that will help ensure the project’s success!

I communicate with my clients via email, Zoom, and WhatsApp. I may also use links to Google Drive and Google Docs to help complete our work.


Ready for the next step? Let’s get your project booked with a deposit.

I require a 25% deposit to add your project to my calendar, which is $196.25, but you are welcome to pay in full.

When clicking the link below, hit the “Edit amount” total next to the final amount to pay the deposit.

By paying your invoice, you are accepting the Creative Service Agreement, or CSA.


This proposal is valid until January 16, 2024. After this time, the schedule and/or fees may change.