Hey Chef, I know your lackluster marketing is leaving you hungry for sales. I can create your new ordering website, branding, menus, or social media plan in just ONE DAY. Book your call today to claim your spot!


This playtime planning business branding and shop website was launched in FOUR days!

The new website includes:
✨ Online physical & digital product shop
✨ Digital membership 
✨ Calendly form integrations for coaching options

All of My Completed Projects

Kitchen on Locke

Branding, Website Design, Online Shop & Membership Site [4 Days]

Easy Budget

Branding, Website Design, Online Shop & Membership Site [4 Days]

The Wineaux Mom

Branding, Website Design, Online Shop & Membership Site [4 Days]

Little Play Place

Branding, Website Design, Online Shop & Membership Site [4 Days]


Branding, Website Design, Online Shop & Membership Site [4 Days]

Elegant Moments LLC

Branding, Website Design, Online Shop & Membership Site [4 Days]


Branding, Website Design, Online Shop & Membership Site [4 Days]


Branding, Website Design, Online Shop & Membership Site [4 Days]

My VIP Day is the quick & delicious design option you’ve been waiting for.

You don’t have to miss out on business because because your logo is past its expiration date, your website is gunked up, or your menus are confusing. When your customers can’t book your services easily, you lose out on the sales you need to go next-level.

Imagine going from flavorless to flavortown with a brand-new logo, website, or social media marketing plan in just ONE day!

Yes, it’s possible, and no, it’s not magic. It just feels like it. ✨

Included in Your VIP Day: 

For the easy one-time investment of $1,250


What kind of projects can you choose for your Biz Elixir day?

And if you need several services, you can book me for multiple Biz Elixir days!

How am I able to get your work done in a single day? I’ve simplified my process & tools to make it easier on both of us!

Step 1: Book a Free Consultation

You'll schedule your free call with me, on which you'll tell me more about your goals, needs, and wants.

Step 2: Schedule Your Intensive Day

You'll get a proposal for anywhere between 1-3 intensive days with a link to schedule & pay a deposit.

Step 3: Complete Pre-Intensive Workbook

You'll get exclusive access to my Client Tools, including a customized workbook that will collect all of the info I need.

Step 4: Watch the Magic Happen

On your scheduled day, I will wave my "magic wand" to get your work done, and request your feedback hourly.

Biz Elixir Is Perfect for Private Chefs who: 

At just $1,250, my D1D Intensive is an affordable way to take your food business from funk to fresh in just ONE day.

Let’s rock 2021 with custom Private Chef biz solution that you and your customers will love! 🍾

"Her work is top notch and beautiful. I am so happy with my website I have actually cried a few times. She did what I simply could not do & I am beyond appreciative of the hard work she put into it!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your needs, there are a few things you’ll be required to purchase before we can start.

Any new food business needs their own .com, and a way for you to accept money from your customers.

Don’t fret, I’ll help you figure out exactly what you need when we chat on your free consultation!

I’ll send you a Pre-Intensive Workbook for you to complete where you’ll share your goals, needs, and information for your project. I will go over this fully and we will discuss the plans for the Intensive in a detailed meeting the week before your Biz Elixir Intensive.

We’ll both arrive early (and caffeinated ☕) to our desks and I’ll begin working on your project using the Pre-Intensive Workbook and planning session. We will stay in touch all day as I send you screenshots, updates, and questions regarding your work. At the end of the day, you’ll have a brand new website, logo, menu, or marketing tool ready to launch to the world! You should plan on being fully available for the day. 

If needed, you’ll receive up to an hour of minor revisions. I’ll also record a training session to show you how to maintain your new tools, if applicable. You’ll receive 30 days of email support where I’ll answer questions or help troubleshoot any concerns that arise during that time.

Plus, as an existing client, you’ll be able to book additional half or full day Intensives with me.  

Yep! After professionally designing logos, marketing materials, and websites for over 10 years, I’ve streamlined my tools, tech, and process. I offer fast solutions to business owners just like you, because you don’t have time to email back and forth for weeks and months on a simple project. 

You’ve spent too much of your precious time DIY-ing. Now, let me help you grow your food biz to the next level in ONE DAY! 

Here is your sign to hire a professional and just get it done! Don’t wait – your customers are hungry for your new offerings TODAY.

I know I can help you, but you need to take the next step. Click the button below to book your free call with me.

"Girl! You are killing it on these boards! I can’t thank you enough for doing this for us! (We get) compliments everyday on our menus too! We are so fortunate for you!"

Hi! I’m Lindsay Jo Crenshaw. I make marketing magic for Private Chefs with my done-in-a-day Biz Elixir.

I’m an Elementor website professional, StoryBrand copywriter and graphic designer. 

I’m passionate about helping small food businesses rise with customized branding, websites, menus, and marketing materials. I’ve been called a magician, but I’ll let you decide. 💖

Brand illustrations by the talented Forensics and Flowers